I’ve read all Marie Kondo’s books and watched her Netflix show and I believed I was ready to complete the tidying marathon on my own. After trying many times and failing to finish it, I decided to ask Aline for help. She kept me focused and assisted me in a non-judgemental way which was very important to me. After my first session, Aline helped me plan the rest of my tidying journey and I have now successfully finished it! I couldn’t have done without her. I highly recommend! It was a life changing experience!
— Amy D.

I never believed it would be possible for the clothes I’ve accumulated over the last 17 years to be turned into the beautifully organised photos I’d seen of others who had gone through the KonMari journey. I thought I was beyond help, but Aline transformed not only my drawers but also my life with her knowledge, patience and wonderfully insightful thoughts on how to better organise myself. I am sure I could never have completed the detox without her by my side and I’m truly grateful for the difference she has made. I’ve sent all ‘the before and after’ photos to my friends and they are all also thrilled at the transformation as they too thought I was beyond hope! Thanks so much again for showing me no-one’s chaos is beyond redemption!
— Geraldine H.

Imagine opening your wardrobe and seeing regimented neatness. Imagine knowing exactly where everything is. Imagine never buying a new item of clothing and, when you go to put it away, finding one exactly the same that you forgot you had bought.

Following a relationship break up I was daunted by the prospect of dealing with piles of possessions squirrelled away in two homes. I contacted Aline for advice before I tackled the Big Clear Out from my ex’s house. Aline’s coaching made it much easier: she told me to consider what purpose each item would serve in my new life. That single piece of advice changed the task from feeling like a loss of my old life into an excitement for the future. However, I still faced a ‘two into one won’t go’ situation after transporting everything to my new (much smaller home). So I spent an amazing Saturday with Aline working through my clothes and shoes. The energy and focus she brought to the task was amazing - she literally didn’t stop until we were done. By the end of the day I had reduced my schmutter by fifty percent and my wardrobes were beautifully organised.

What I expected from working with Aline to apply the Konmari method was a less cluttered home. The added bonus that I didn’t expect was to feel peaceful and cleansed of an emotional burden - letting go of baggage in more ways than one! I thoroughly recommend Aline - this was beyond doubt the best return on investment of time and money I have had for a long time! Thank you.
— Clare T.

I moved into a new home a month before I had a baby so needless to say it was in need of a little re-organisation. Enter Aline - She was amazing. Within five hours she had tackled my clothes. I have never had to tidy my wardrobe since then. She came back to do my kitchen categories and re-organised it in five hours. My closet and kitchen are now the most organised rooms in the house thanks to her. I have since tackled the remaining categories she has outlined using the KonMari method and my house is so much easier to manage. I would highly recommend Aline to anyone who is looking for a detox and reorganise their home. She is a joy to work with, she is efficient and her organisational skills are second to none. I look forward to working with her again in the future.
— Anita R.

My girlfriend and I live in a beautiful but small flat in London. When space is scarce you have to be very careful about how you use it and what you really want and need. My girlfriend has a lot of clothes and we both like nice things. I think it’s fair to say that over time we have collected more things than our place could take. Despite various attempts to get rid of some of our stuff, we never seemed to make any noticeable progress and got quite frustrated with it. Aline basically changed that in one day. The KonMari Method tackles the problem systematically by its roots and deals with it comprehensively on every level. You literally have to go through everything you own in a strict order and decide if you want to keep it or not. Without Aline’s help we probably would have given up somewhere along the way. Our place looks great now. Everything important has found its home and we really like and use everything we own and haven’t missed any of the things we gave away which is pretty great. Thanks Aline! All the best!

– Moritz S. and Tainá V. 

I am loving living a more compact lifestyle. Paying more attention to the things that I want to acquire is being a very helpful way to not waste money and to surround myself only with things that I truly value. After working with Aline it became very easy for me to discard things that didn’t have a purpose or that wasn’t contributing towards me having a happier life. Nowadays I am naturally more organised and it’s priceless to know where everything is in my house.
— Cindy C.